Operating rental

A choice to contribute to the growth of your business

Choosing the solution of the rental of goods means adopting a strategy that brings objective advantages to those who adopt it. Our approach is based on solid experience gained over time, thanks to which we have created a structure whose attitudes are strongly commercial, planning, suited to synergy.

Do you need a product / service for your company but have you given up on the thought of having to buy it? Johix allows you to simplify the tasks related to the acquisition of goods and services. You increase your liquidity without affecting the NFP, while still having everything you need for your business.


  • Lighten your financial commitments, the rental will not be counted as debt in relations with credit institutions.
  • The rent is fully deductible.
  • Enjoy a warranty beyond the terms of that of the manufacturer, for the duration of the rental.
  • You can immediately use machinery, furnishings, supplies, without having to buy them.
  • Choose the duration of the contract: three, four or five years, according to your needs and the type of asset.
  • At the end of the rental, you choose whether to return, replace, renew or purchase the item.
i beni che puoi noleggiare


There is no limit to what you can ask to rent

Whether your company is in charge of producing or distributing goods, or that it needs to use capital goods for business growth, rental is the solution capable of supporting every need. The customer will be able to have the necessary goods and services, always having the availability of new, technologically updated products, possibly accompanied by ancillary services useful for their operation, such as maintenance and assistance. All covered by a guarantee for the duration of the rental, against the payment of a pre-established and certain fee. At the end of the period, you can replace the item with a new, updated version, without having to worry about the returned item.



Find out the benefits of providing rental goods

Adopt the rental to have a commercial proposition that allows you to have multiple advantages:

  • Lighten your financial commitments with the certainty of payment. The rental company, in fact, pays the entire value of the sale on delivery of the goods in favor of the customer who will use them.
  • Loyal customers, through the possibility of studying services related to the management of assets, agreed directly with them.
  • Optimize cash flows, without affecting your liquidity.
  • You can manage the future of assets by disposing or refurbishing them, adding value to an economy that focuses on circularity.

Not only advantages for the entrepreneur-customer of the rental, but also for the supplier since it facilitates the decisions of all customers, whether they are small or large entrepreneurs, whether they are individual firms or joint-stock companies . Furthermore, the operating freight performs the function of increasing the loyalty of the customer-user who remains linked to the supplier company for any renewals, new freight rates or services offered.


diventa fornitore
supporto e formazione

Commercial support and training

We operate throughout the national territory with very high quality standards, dedicated consultants, quick appraisals of practices, full operational support and management flexibility. We offer training to your dealers and customer support.

If you are looking for something more than a rental company, or if you are looking for a rental partner, we are the ideal company for you.


Environment and savings within everyone's reach

With an all-green economy that has recorded investments of over 42 billion euros in just over a decade and which runs at full speed without producing acoustic impacts or polluting the air, energy efficiency activities are an unmissable growth opportunity for all actors involved.

Suppliers of goods intended for efficiency - photovoltaic systems, generators, inverters, LED lighting, charging stations and any good useful for the green economy - will be able to find in the rental a coherent way to safely reach customer satisfaction.

In the heart of every company, lifeblood will flow that will allow you to optimize energy consumption, save money and consolidate the perfect relationship between advantageous and sustainable choices: green rental can take you on the run, without the need for any competition.

economia green

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