How it works

It's easy to rent with Johix, just follow the steps below and enjoy the rental experience!

01 scegli prodotto

01) Choose the PRODUCT you want to rent

Wide choice of articles divided by CATEGORY

02 periodo di noleggio

02) Choose the rental PERIOD you need

All the freedom to choose for how long you need to rent our products

03 recapito per la spedizione

03) Enter the ADDRESS for the shipment

Receive the products you have chosen WHERE YOU WANT!

04 scegli montaggio

04) Choose if you want the ASSEMBLY / EQUIPMENT

You can rely on our specialized staff to FIND EVERYTHING READY TO USE

05 dimmi chi sei

05) Are you a PRIVATE or do you have a VAT number?

Fill out the form with all your details

06 scegli metodo di pagamento

06) Scegli il metodo di PAGAMENTO

Puoi pagare i prodotti in un'UNICA SOLUZIONE o scegliere un piano di PAGAMENTO A RATE

07 goditi l esperienza del noleggio

07) Enjoy the RENTAL experience

Why buy it if you can RENT IT?

08 conserva imballo

08) Remember to keep the original PACKAGING

It will be used by the courier for the RETURN of the goods

The strengths of Johix

aziende e privati

Johix is ​​for the company,
the private, the professional
with VAT number

servizi e assistenza

Delivery services,
maintenance and assistance

assicurazione sui danni

about fire,
theft, flooding, ice

massima flessibilita

Return or replace with
a new product, extension rent
or buy the good

pagamenti agevolati

Payment, even in installments,
up to 60 months, with
fixed monthly fee

assistenza sempre

Support service for
the entire duration
of the period rental

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